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Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Face

Updated: How To Auto-Post Between Facebook & Twitter

How To Auto-Post Between Facebook & Twitter It’s been quite a while now since I published the original ‘How to Connect Facebook to Twitter” post and it is still very popular. In the time since I first wrote the article however, both social networks have made changes to their design and navigation, so I decided […]

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IFTTT – The Next Generation of Social Media Automation

If This Then That… Serious Social Media Automation Everytime some new content is published here at Digital Marketing HQ, I share it across several social media accounts. I post updates on Twitter, personal and business account, my Facebook wall and business page, and the same with Google+. The images get pinned to Pinterest and the […]

Twitter for small business

Twitter For Small Business, Is It Worth The Time?

Twitter For Small Business Is it Worth It? Or Just A Waste Of Time? If you aren’t on twitter, you probably don’t ‘get’ it. But that’s OK, I didn’t either at first. For a long while I thought twitter was just for teeny-boppers or stalkers, or for pop stars to update the teeny-boppers on what […]

Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Face

Connecting Social Media Accounts | Auto-Post To Facebook & Twitter

Connecting Social Media Accounts Facebook to Twitter Or Twitter to Facebook   Stop right there! This social media tutorial is a little bit out of date. But don’t worry because there is an updated guide for this topic here http://www.digitalmarketinghq.com/social-media/updated-auto-post-facebook-twitter/   You still want to read the old stuff? OK, keep reading.. Post Once, Post Everywhere. […]