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Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Face

Updated: How To Auto-Post Between Facebook & Twitter

How To Auto-Post Between Facebook & Twitter It’s been quite a while now since I published the original ‘How to Connect Facebook to Twitter” post and it is still very popular. In the time since I first wrote the article however, both social networks have made changes to their design and navigation, so I decided […]

PDF document icon

How to: Convert Blog Posts to PDF Documents for Document Sharing Sites.

Video Tutorial (Scroll down for text) Re-Purpose Your Blog Content For PDF Traffic. In this tutorial I show you how to re-purpose your existing blog content by converting your blog posts into PDF documents to syndicate to document sharing websites. This is a really quick and easy way to get your content out to a […]

Create video

How To: Create Quick Video Content with FREE Software you Probably Already Own.

Quick and Easy Videos for your Website and Youtube As discussed in previous posts, having a video on your website is fast becoming the new ‘must have’ thing. Video’s add credibility, keep website visitors engaged for longer and by syndicating your video to social and video sharing sites, build links and increase traffic. Having a video on […]

setting up a newsletter

How to: Set Up an Email Opt-in Form on Your Website

Start building your subscriber list today using this guide and some free tools. Set Up an Email Opt-in Form on Your Website If you don’t yet have an email capture box (aka email opt-in form) on your website and building a list of email subscribers it’s easily one of the biggest and easiest improvements you […]

Google Places/Local Optimization

Local Search – A Guide to Google Places

Are you Missing Out on the Benefits of Local Search? A Guide to Google Places   Local Search has been incorporated into the results of Google and Bing for some time now as a method of segmenting search results for users looking for a business based on its location. The aim of local search is […]

SEO Basics - on and off page SEO

Beginners Guide to SEO | Basic On and Off Page Search Engine Optimization

The Basics of SEO – Lesson 1 What’s The Difference Between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO? What Is SEO? OK,  lets get the definition out of the way first (as we are covering the basics today) SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the practise of optimizing your website in various ways […]

3 Digital Marketing Projects

3 Digital Marketing Projects You Can Do Right Now! For FREE, Even If You Don’t Have A Website

3 Free Digital Marketing Projects You Can Do Right Now! (Even If You Don’t Have A Website) Even if you haven’t got your own website yet there are many ways to use the Internet to promote your business digitally, and many of them are totally FREE. Although we recommend every business absolutely needs a website […]

Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Face

Connecting Social Media Accounts | Auto-Post To Facebook & Twitter

Connecting Social Media Accounts Facebook to Twitter Or Twitter to Facebook   Stop right there! This social media tutorial is a little bit out of date. But don’t worry because there is an updated guide for this topic here http://www.digitalmarketinghq.com/social-media/updated-auto-post-facebook-twitter/   You still want to read the old stuff? OK, keep reading.. Post Once, Post Everywhere. […]