Twitter For Small Business

Is it Worth It? Or Just A Waste Of Time?

Twitter for small business

If you aren’t on twitter, you probably don’t ‘get’ it. But that’s OK, I didn’t either at first.

For a long while I thought twitter was just for teeny-boppers or stalkers, or for pop stars to update the teeny-boppers on what they’re having for lunch today.

How the hell can it help my small business marketing?

Because I own and run a number of small businesses I have several different accounts at twitter, over the years I’ve tried different approaches and tested a few things out and I have found that for my own personal development it is more than just useful, its been amazing!

By following the right people such as leading members of the marketing industry or Internet technology super stars, I can use the information they share on twitter to create a list of articles to read and tools to try out. Just by flicking through my twitter stream every day I become more knowledgeable, discover new tools of the trade and keep up to date on breaking news.

So if you are serious about staying at the top of your field or improving your personal or business education then twitter can be a source of pure gold.

But can it be a useful digital marketing strategy for your small business?

Here are some observations I have made that may help you decide, and hopefully give you some ideas on how to make twitter work for you:

Twitter Logo1. Twitter can be a worthwhile strategy for any business that actually sells (or wants to start selling) something online, or has a national or international reach as the geographical location of your followers doesn’t matter, you can reach out to a global audience…

2. But very localised businesses may struggle to get much return on the time investment, unless you have an imaginative idea for content to Tweet…

3. With imagination it can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Real Example: The mobile Taco vendors I heard about on a podcast recently who are using twitter to update regular customers on the location of their pitch each day. People follow them eagerly on twitter to get updated on the location and time of arrival.

4. Twitter is useful as a networking platform to meet other business owners who you may be able to collaborate with, get to know them and open up opportunities.

5. Twitter can be used to monitor complaints about you or your competitors. The later being awesome if you can swoop in and save the day.

Real Example: A quick search now on twitter for ‘Carpet Fitter’ yielded the following tweet from a person near me “Anyone know a cheep carpet fitter who can fit it tomorrow? #pissedoff #letdown“.
(If you are a local carpet fitter you could have jumped on that one!)

6. Its possible over time to build up an expert status, by tweeting relevant content regularly people will start to come to you when they have a question or problem (maybe a reporter may ask you for advice or to give a quote for a story).

7. Even just using Twitter as a broadcast medium for website updates / blog posts can be worthwhile to bring in visitors to your website, and with a little plug-in on your website this can be automated (as soon as you publish your blog post the WordPress plug-in automatically sends out a tweet) so there is no excuse not to at least use twitter for this reason.

8. You really need to sign up an account with your business name so that you can claim the name before someone else does, although you can report a user who is using your business name, you will need to prove that you should be the rightful owner of that twitter handle. Best to avoid the hassle of that and claim your business name now.

So if you have a spare 10 minutes today why not sign up and give it a go? Start by posting good tips related to your business and then seek out people with problems you may be able to solve, your followers will build up naturally the more you tweet.

Remember its just like any other conversation, you have to start talking before anyone will listen to you.


 If you already have a facebook page then you can learn how to connect twitter to facebook here.

Are you using Twitter for your small business? Or have you heard of a business using twitter in an imaginative way? I’d love to read about it in the comment section below this post.


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