Over Optimized / Un-Natural Links.

Google Is On To You!

Google Is After You

There is a storm coming.

Many of the forums I am active on have seen a huge increase in posts from members regarding the dreaded ‘un-natural links’ email from google.

Website owners have been receiving a message from Google in Webmaster tools or by email stating that they have discovered un-natural links pointing to your website, and that the site has either been de-indexed or penalised until you have ‘cleaned’ up the mess you made of the internet. (Remove the un-natural links).

As you can imagine this can be devastating for a small business website that gets a large share of its traffic from Google, not to mention the valuable time wasted trying to find these links and attempting to get webmasters to remove them.

If you are successful in sorting out that mess you need to follow it up with an apologetic email to google with proof that you have tried to clean up the mess before they will re-index your site.

It seems that Google is cleaning house again.

Google Notice Of Un-Natural Links - SEOSeveral high profile blog networks Authority Link Network (ALN), BuildMyRank (BMR) and SEO Link Monster have been almost wiped out of existence in the google search results, and websites that have used them heavily have received the dreaded un-natural links email.

A blog network is a group of blogs/websites spread across different servers, owners of these networks charge a membership fee to allow users to post small articles containing link backs to a selection of blogs within the network.

The search engines see these links as individual votes for your site, so in effect the network owner is allowing the buying of votes (links) – which has always been against the Google terms of service.

Google have stated that they are cracking down on blog networks, paid links and over optimized websites and are also changing the way certain back links are valued in the algorithm.

Here are my suggestions for you to avoid a Google Slap:

1. If you are doing your own SEO I strongly suggest you ditch the link building with auto scraping/commenting software and the use of “private” blog networks.

2. If you are paying an SEO company right now you should be contacting them to find out what exactly they are doing for you, where they are building links and how they are doing it.

3. Change your SEO strategy if you want to stay in the race.

Content Marketing – SEO The White Hat Way

SEO tactics are constantly in the cross hairs of the google guns, now more than ever your small business SEO strategy must be based around adding real value to the internet. Creating quality and relevant content for the web is now the way to increase your search rankings, without fear of consequences.

If you are paying for link building then I suggest you take that money and invest in content creation instead, as soon as possible. By producing a well written article, with new content, fresh ideas and relevancy to your industry and syndicating it to article directories or by guest blogging on other relevant sites you are adding something worthwhile to the internet, building links, finding new sources of traffic and most importantly maintain your rankings without running the risk of penalties.


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