Digital Marketing Vs Yellow Pages Advertising

Where’s Your Yellow Pages?

Yellow pages advertising Vs Digital Marketing

True Story – A few days ago I was visiting a local cleaning company to advise them on some search engine optimization for their website.

As I discussed some tips with them I was talking about the use of online directories for SEO and owning a brand search*,  when they mentioned that they were currently paying £25 per month (£300 per year) for a tiny Yellow Pages advert about a 1/4 of the size of a business card and we’re only getting a call or two per year…

Not from the physical yellow pages book, instead those calls were generated from the online side of the yell directory (which is free to list a basic profile).

So a free inclusion into the online directory would bring the in the same number of leads but save them the £300 per year for the physical directory advert.

I thought it would be interesting to show them what else they could get for their money if they ditched the yellow pages book listing and spent that money (and a little time) on some digital marketing for their business instead.

*Owning a brand search is when the entire first page of the google results show pages relating to a company when the exact company name is searched, for example: a search for ‘brand name boiler repair’ returns a full page of sites connected to the brand name company, they own the first page of the results for their company name. These results can include the company website, social media profiles and mentions on other sites (citations).

So How Much Digital Do You Get For £25 per month (or £300 per year)

£300 would get you a website and pay for some hosting/maintenance.

£25 could employ a Virtual Assistant for 4-5+ hours a month, who could work on your business for you.

£25 would buy around 20-50 targeted visitors to your site from Google Adwords or Facebook ads every month (depending on the keywords chosen).

£237 could pay for a 3 months worth of premium content marketing for your website available here.

£25 per month would more than cover the hosting costs for you to produce your own Podcast.

£300 would pay for two professionally produced videos showcasing your company, for your website/Youtube channel.


Action Point: Take a look at your advertising budget, are you spending money on Yellow Pages or other directories that would be better invested in digitally marketing your business?

If you are getting enquiries and bookings from the yellow pages and it is giving you a good return on investment, then stick with it by all means – you would be silly not to.

However, if you aren’t seeing a decent return then consider re-routing that money into something that may be more beneficial to your business.

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