3 Free Digital Marketing Projects You Can Do Right Now!

(Even If You Don’t Have A Website)

Digital Marketing Projects

Even if you haven’t got your own website yet there are many ways to use the Internet to promote your business digitally, and many of them are totally FREE.

Although we recommend every business absolutely needs a website with its own domain name and branding, you can still get your name out there online and bring in more customers by implementing these three marketing initiatives.

If you do have your own website then that’s even better, because most of the places we will be visiting will have somewhere to leave a link back to your domain. Which is great for your search rankings.

Before you start. You will save time later if you first get together any marketing materials you already have such as leaflets, flyer’s, adverts etc. This will make it easier to fill out profiles and descriptions at the websites we’ll be visiting.

It will also be handy to have an open notepad/word document ready to paste your various log-in details to, then when you are finished you can print the document and store it safely should you need to come back to any of these sites to edit or add to your profiles at a later date.


Digital Marketing Project 1.

Create a Google Places Listing for your Business.

Digital Marketing Project 1 - Claim your Google Places listing

By creating a google places listing for your business you can take advantage of a free mini web page and listing in the Google search results – You see these ‘places’ results when you search for a business or trade with a local term, such as: Carpet Cleaners Essex, Plumbers in London etc.

You can claim your business listing by going to  http://www.google.com/places/

To get a good ranking in the places search results it is important to add as much information as possible, try to use all of the available text space, upload as many pictures as you can and complete the profile 100% if possible.


Digital Marketing Project 2.

Add your Business to Free Online Directories.

Digital Marketing Project 2 - Business Directories

There are number of business directories on the web that you can add your business to for free, most have their own vibrant communities who use the site every time they need a service, trade or business.

At the very least your business should be listed with a short description and telephone number to ensure you are visible to potential clients active on those sites.

Again filling out as much info as possible on your profiles is very important and at least one picture is a must. Some of the bigger directories to sign up with are Yelp, Yell, FreeIndex and Qype.

Be aware though, after completing profiles on most business directories you can expect some sales calls. Reps usually telephone asking if you want to upgrade to a premium listing but just be strong on the phone and tell them, thanks for calling but I just wanted the free listing for now.


Digital Marketing Project 3.

Post Classified Ads.

Digital Marketing Project 3 - Classified AdsPosting a classified ad online is not just for selling second hand furniture or buying a used car, certain free ads websites allow businesses to post adverts too.

Just search Google for classified ads in your area and have a look, some of the biggest include Craigslist and Gumtree.

Bare in mind that these listings are displayed chronologically, and are constantly updating so you may have to go back to each site in a week to re-post your advert or it will be buried deep in the archives where no one will find it.

So there you go, three free digital marketing projects that you can do right now.

Have you implemented any of these tips and successfully gained more customers? Then share your story in the comment section below.


  • Shayne Tomasic March 1, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    You have noted very interesting points! ps nice web site.

    • jdbradley March 5, 2012 at 9:28 am

      Thanks, now go out and take action. 🙂

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