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Re-Purpose Your Blog Content For PDF Traffic.

Converting Blog posts to PDF documents is easyIn this tutorial I show you how to re-purpose your existing blog content by converting your blog posts into PDF documents to syndicate to document sharing websites.

This is a really quick and easy way to get your content out to a wider audience, bring traffic to your website and because you can embed links into PDFs, you can get some SEO benefit too.

Doc sharing is not just for corporate types to share sales reports or for engineers to share blueprints. Information on almost any subject matter is now available from a huge selection of content producers.

Take a quick look through the PDFs shared on sites like Scribd or Docstoc, you will see books (fiction and non fiction), recipes, marketing strategies,  science papers, demographic data and political commentary.

This information explosion is for the most part due to the proliferation of tablet computers and smart phones, people with these devices are actively looking for free reading material that they can download and consume at will. This creates an oppertunity for you to leverage your existing content to reach new audiences from some of these document sharing sites.

You have already done the hard work by producing some great content, all you have to do now is follow a few steps outlined below and you could be getting your blog posts out to a whole new range of readers in a few minutes.

 Converting Your Article To PDF

There are actually two really easy ways that you can convert your blog posts into PDF documents.

Using Web2PDF

The easiest method to convert your blog post to PDF is to use a web based service called All you have to do is enter the URL of your blog post and click ‘Convert’.

Method 1: Use

When it has finished converting, it will give you an option to either download the PDF or open in Google docs. Download it to a place on your computer and rename the file something descriptive like the title of your blog post.

The problem with this method of converting is that the PDF will literally be a snapshot of the webpage you convert so your blog sidebar, footer and header is all there too. It also has a habit of resizing content in weird ways. This complaint may be because this is just the free version of web2pdf, perhaps the paid version has more customizable features to help control the formatting of the document.

To acheive a well formatted document is to use another free program, but this is not web based so you will have to download it if you don’t already have it installed…

Using OpenOffice Writer

This method is also free and easy to do, OpenOffice Writer is a free (opensource) alternative to Microsoft Word. If you don’t already have Writer installed on your computer you can get it here.

Once you have it installed, open up Writer and start a new blank document, go to your blog post and preferably open it up in your post editor on your blog. Using your mouse, select everything in your blog post, pictures and all. Head back to writer and paste it in there.

Your pictures may take a few seconds to display but you should now have a nice looking ‘word’ document.

Here you can do some tidying up if necessary. When you are happy with it just click on the little PDF button in the tool bar to save it to your computer .

Save article as a PDF with OpenOffice Writer

When you have saved it as a PDF open it up and check to see any links that are in your document work.

Tip: Always make sure you have a link somewhere in your content to your website so that readers have an easy way to get to your site.

Upload To Doc Sharing Sites.

You should now have a well formatted PDF document from your blog post that you can upload to document sharing sites such as Scribd and Docstoc. Uploading is pretty straight forward, just register an account and click the upload button on the site.

Upload your PDF document to Scribd

Now that you know how to convert blog posts to PDF, you can add another traffic method to your content marketing arsenal. As always if you have any questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email I’ll be glad to help.




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