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Using Video in your content marketing mix, creating videos, getting views and syndicating through video sharing sites like Youtube.

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How To: Create Quick Video Content with FREE Software you Probably Already Own.

Quick and Easy Videos for your Website and Youtube As discussed in previous posts, having a video on your website is fast becoming the new ‘must have’ thing. Video’s add credibility, keep website visitors engaged for longer and by syndicating your video to social and video sharing sites, build links and increase traffic. Having a video on […]

video marketing

15 Ways to Boost your Business through Video Marketing

Video Marketing for Your Business Thinking of using YouTube or a similar video platform to give your up-and-coming business that much-needed pizzazz? You’re on the right track. No matter the size of your company, it’s always important to engage in an innovative and effective marketing strategy. The big players have bottomless coffers from which to […]