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Updated: How To Auto-Post Between Facebook & Twitter

How To Auto-Post Between Facebook & Twitter It’s been quite a while now since I published the original ‘How to Connect Facebook to Twitter” post and it is still very popular. In the time since I first wrote the article however, both social networks have made changes to their design and navigation, so I decided […]

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IFTTT – The Next Generation of Social Media Automation

If This Then That… Serious Social Media Automation Everytime some new content is published here at Digital Marketing HQ, I share it across several social media accounts. I post updates on Twitter, personal and business account, my Facebook wall and business page, and the same with Google+. The images get pinned to Pinterest and the […]

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First Class Customer Service with Social Networking

Customer Service 2.0 There are over a billion, (that’s billion, with a B) Facebook users to date, and more and more people are signing up for an account every day. Twitter is being used by even traditional media companies to deliver the freshest, most recent news updates in 140 characters or less. YouTube videos are getting […]

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest For Business – What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest For Business What is Pinterest? Social Media Alert! – There’s a new kid on the block – Pinterest is here and gaining followers fast. It may surprise you to know that at the time of writing, Pinterest is the 3rd largest social network in the world with Facebook and Twitter being 1st and 2nd […]

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Twitter For Small Business, Is It Worth The Time?

Twitter For Small Business Is it Worth It? Or Just A Waste Of Time? If you aren’t on twitter, you probably don’t ‘get’ it. But that’s OK, I didn’t either at first. For a long while I thought twitter was just for teeny-boppers or stalkers, or for pop stars to update the teeny-boppers on what […]

Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Face

Connecting Social Media Accounts | Auto-Post To Facebook & Twitter

Connecting Social Media Accounts Facebook to Twitter Or Twitter to Facebook   Stop right there! This social media tutorial is a little bit out of date. But don’t worry because there is an updated guide for this topic here   You still want to read the old stuff? OK, keep reading.. Post Once, Post Everywhere. […]