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12 Ideas To Help You Consistently Create Content

Blogging For Business - Ideas for blog Content

You’ve Got A Blog! Now what do you write about?

After setting up a blog for your business you may now be faced with a new challenge, the initial burst of creativity and spontaneous article writing dies down and you begin to struggle for new ideas for good content.

A dead blog is no good to anyone, consistently creating great content for your website improves your search rankings and also encourages your visitors to return to your site on a regular basis. Without fresh content both of those advantages for your business are lost.

If you are finding it hard to produce new posts for the blog section of your business website never fear! Because here I’ve created a little cheat sheet of content ideas so you will never be stuck for blog posts again.

I’ve laid out the different types of content you can create along with some real world examples along the way, if you don’t feel like doing something on the list just skip it and try another but I’m sure something in this list will spark your creativity. Remember, you don’t have to write articles all every time, you can do videos, audio, pictures, long posts, short posts – its good to mix it up. .

12 Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

1. How To Guides

Show people how to do small jobs themselves, or how to make use of your product. If you are a kitchen or bathroom fitter you could do a guide on how to freshen up old grout and tiles.  A mechanic could do a guide to preparing your car for winter.  A beauty therapist could do a guide to nail designs or a recipe for a face pack.

2. Maintenance Advice

Show your readers how to maintain belongings or equipment, show your readers how to save money on the small things and they will hire you for the big things.

Gardeners could show how to care for a lawn. Carpet cleaners could write about how to maintain your carpet between cleans.

3. Blow Your Own Trumpet

Post something showing how good you are at what you do. Such as videos of you working, pictures of the finished job or before and after shots. This not only shows your skill and your professionalism but also provides useful content for anyone interested in the ‘ins and outs’ of what you do.

For bigger jobs you could shoot videos in time-lapse, a speedy shed construction or the stripping of old paintwork or a removal van being carefully loaded throughout the day.

4. Special Offers/New Stock

Whats new in stock, have you got a sale planned, let customers know well in advance and build up to a launch by posting the details to your blog. Encourage sharing of your content by offering extra discounts for those who ‘like’ or ‘tweet’ your post.

5. Product Reviews

Do you regularly use certain tools or products during your every day business? If you use something on a professional basis then you have probably tested it to a much further extent than most homeowners ever would, which puts you in a great position to review it.

Gardeners could review lawnmowers or fertilizer products. Builders could review power tools etc. You could also link these articles to a product you sell or service you offer.

 6. Customer Reviews / Testimonials

Get your customers to create content for you, if you get a letter of recommendation post it up on your blog or you could shoot a quick video with a happy customer. (Always ask permission before you do either of these things).

7. Hold A Contest

A great way to engage your visitors and get people talking about you on social media is to hold a contest, the winner could get a prize or a discount at your business.  Ensure you spread this across your social media accounts. A good contest will get shared and the person who wins will be a raving fan forever.

8. Create A Round Up Post

Have you found some other great resources online? Write a short introduction to the websites in your list covering why you think its a good resource and link to it. Or you could just do a round up post of your previous blog posts, e.g The 10 Biggest Jobs We Handled This Year.  People love lists.

9. Re-Purpose Other Content

Could you use a video you have already made and transcribe the audio to make a blog post? or use the audio and put out a podcast. You can go back to your previous articles and zoom in on one particular thing you mentioned. If you wrote about the different methods/products/tools you use everyday,  pick one and go into finer detail.

10. Interview Someone

Find someone in your sector who would share some knowledge or insights. Or just interview your staff members, ask them what their job entails and how they always care for the customer, people love to see a behind the scenes look at a business operation. It doesn’t have to be a top notch professional job the camera on your phone will be fine, people expect to see grainy shaky images or hear less than perfect sound when watching this kind of behind the scene footage.

11. Do FAQs

You must get asked certain questions over and over again by clients and customers. Each time one crops up make a note of it, when you have  at least 5-10 of these then you can make an Frequently Asked Questions post asking and then answering each question that you get asked the most. This will also hopefully result in you being asked the questions less.

and Finally…

12. Industry Commentary

What developments have there been recently in your industry, is there some new legislation that you now abide by? You can show your readers what the changes mean and how you are conforming to them because you are a reputable firm. These may include new building regulations, new chemical training required, new equipment used etc.

13. Buy Content

Bonus tip: If all of this seems to much like hard work or you just don’t feel like you have the time to keep on top of your content creation then take a look at the Content Marketing Packs available here at Digital Marketing HQ. Where we create premium, original articles for your website on a regular basis and then promote them via social media, bookmark sites and web 2.0 mini sites.

So hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration with this post and you now get stuck in on producing some great content. Do you have any questions about anything on this list? or want me to go into more detail? Have I missed anything here? Tell me about the content you create for your business blog in the comments below.


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