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Here at Digital Marketing HQ we provide guides, tutorials and services to help entrepreneurs like you set up, streamline and automate your marketing efforts to increase the profit and fun in your business. 

Effective Marketing Working for You

Digital MarketingLets us introduce you to the most effective digital marketing tools, techniques and strategies. Discover how to make them work for your small business and learn how to automate the whole process as much as possible so that you work smarter, not harder to increase sales, leads or bookings.

If you can master just a few of the techniques and ideas found here on our blog then you will be miles ahead of most of the small businesses in your area. You will be able to crush your local competition, secure your financial future and hopefully have fun whilst working less.

Whether you are self employed, a business owner or a franchisee you can utilise the internet to market your business online for very little cost if you do it yourself. Or for those with a marketing budget but no time, a range of done for you service packages is also available.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of new Internet technology such as social networks, blogs, podcasts, video sharing sites and other digital media to reach new prospects, get them pre-interested, pre-motivated and pre-qualified to do business with you.
Traditional marketing still has it’s place in any business owners arsenal but ‘online’ is certainly the future. Mobile internet usage is soaring and people are connected to the internet 24/7. Smart phones and tablet computers are disrupting the marketing landscape, making it easier than ever to reach customers.
  • The internet is now embedded into many things, from phones to cars to televisions.
  • Wifi points are accessible in banks, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants.
  • 3G & 4G connections allow fast broadband almost anywhere.
  • The internet is now the primary way for most people to find and research businesses and services before they buy, digital marketing gets you found online.
  • Social media is ingrained into everyday life and it’s here to stay, Facebook has more active users than most countries have citizens (1.1 Billion users), YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network and 2 new professionals join LinkedIn every second.
  • You need to be where the customer is, and the customer is on the internet.

Smarter Marketing

Digital Marketing Services for Businesses

All of this new technology and media brings with it great opportunities.

Through the power of digital marketing, every small business owner now has the ability to interact personally with prospective customers, educate and motivate consumers to become customers and create highly targeted advertising campaigns to generate leads.

An old, static, brochure style website is no longer good enough. With the diverse array of new media platforms available, your customers want interesting and engaging content, they want to see video’s, hear voices and to interact with you via social media.

This (as scary as it may seem to some) brings with it a wave of new opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners. No longer do you need to spend huge money on spray and pray advertising to get customers. Today the power lies in targeted, specific marketing designed to do most of the ‘selling’ on autopilot so you can stop chasing customers and let your digital marketing bring customers to you.

Many business owners are still missing out on many new ways to acquire customers, build brand loyalty and create communities of fans, simply because there is rarely any time left in the work day to experiment with new marketing methods. There can also be a steep learning curve to mastering this new media and for the entrepreneur wanting to take advantage of digital marketing systems in business, the endless amount of tools and new strategies at their disposal can be daunting.

Take the bull by the horns and lets get stuck in.